WindRiver Home Brewing and Wine Making Supplies Procuct List

Click on the links below for a list of the products in each category. If you need something not listed let us know. We might have it already in stock or certainly can order it for you. Just send us and e-mail or call our toll free number 1-800-266-4677.

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Home Brewing Start-Up Kits- We have two to choose from. Our All World Apprentice Kit and our All World BrewMaster Kit. The Apprentice kit contains all the basic equipment for brewing ales. The BrewMaster kit has a glass carboy for secondary fermentation which opens up the world of lager brewing. Both kits come with your choice of one of our ingredient kits to get you off to the right start. Keep in mind you will also need a 16-20 quart stock pot and some empty bottles in addition to the kit.

All World Apprentice KitAll World BrewMaster Kit

All World Apprentice home brewing equipment kit
BrewMaster Beer Kits- We have a wide range of kits to choose from at the best prices around. Our malt extract is made in Wisconsin and we strive to use the freshest ingredients possible. The kits come with great instructions, are easy to brew and most importantly taste fantastic. We have a many beers in the categories below. Click on the link to go to the page with a full listing.

Light LagersAmber LagersDark LagersLight AlesMedium AlesDark AlesStouts

Wheat BeersBelgian AlesSpecialty Beers

Beer Kit of the Month Club- takes the guesswork out of what to brew! We ship one of our kits every month at a great price.

WindRiver's Home brewing ingredient kits
Beer Ingredients- We have a great stock of fresh ingredients for your own recipes. Our liquid malt extract is made by Briess malting in Wisconsin. Our hops come from the Pacific Northwest and some of the other famous growing regions around the world. We have a large selections of specialty grains and base malt for the grain brewer and both liquid and dry brewing yeast.

Malt ExtractHopsSpecialty Grains and Base MaltYeastClarifiers and Additives

Beer making ingredients
Wine Making Supplies-We have a great starting equipment package for wine. We also carry some great wine ingredient kits. The ingredient kits are incredibly easy to make and come out wonderful. For those making wine from fruit you'll find all the nutrients and additives you'll need to go with your own fruit. Along with books, corks and corkers. Wine making kits and Ingredients
Mead Making Supplies- Mead making is becoming more and more popular. We have a couple of mead kits to choose from along with honey and yeast. We are doing our best to keep up with demand with our own honey we raise here on the farm. Mead making supplies
Soda Extracts- Making soda is easy to do at home. You'll just need some extract, table sugar, some yeast and plastic pop bottles. Soda Extracts
Bottling and Kegging Equipment- Cappers, caps, bottle fillers, tubing, party keg system and other items for getting your finished beer in bottles. Bottling Equipment
Brewing Equipment- Stock pots, glass carboys, carboy accessories, stoppers, and spigots. Brewing Equipment
Racking Equipment- Racking tubes, holders, Auto siphon. Racking Equipment
Testing Equipment- Hydrometers, thermometers, refrigerator thermostat Testing Equipment
Cleaning Equipment- Bottle washer, spray wand, and sanitizers. Home brewing and wine making cleaning supplies
Books- Home brewing books to advance your knowledge. Home brewing books

Links- to some great information and sites available on the web. Spots for information, clubs, and other fun stuff relating to home brewing and wine making.

home brewing and wine making links
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