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Cleaning Equipment
and Sanitizers

These tools make the chore of washing and filling bottles much easier. Making sure all of your equipment is clean and sterilized is one of the most important aspects of homebrewing. Many of the problems that arise during the brewing process can be attributed to the lack of good sanitation. Bacterial infections although harmless can make your beer taste awful and relegate a beer to marinating meat or for boiling sausages in. Take time to clean and you can avoid many of these problems. Remember that good brewing is 90% good sanitation. Many of these tools will help make the task easier and allot more enjoyable. Once you get these items you will wonder how you got by without them.

Cleaning Equipment

Bottle Washer- Made of brass and has a sprayer that will blast the bottoms of bottles clean. Fantastic for rinsing bottles. An indispensable item we highly recommend.

[1.5 lb](1020) $11.95

Spray Wand- is made of brass like the bottle washer but is designed to be flexible to get into those hard to reach areas.

[2 lbs](1021) $13.95

Faucet Adapter- A garden hose adapter is needed for the spray wand and bottle washer, this item does the job.

[1/2 lb] (1022) $2.95

Bottle Brush- For scrubbing gunk out of bottles.

[1/2 lb] (1023) $2.95

Carboy Brush- Angled to clean the necks of carboys.

[1 lb] (1024) $4.95

Cleaners and Sanitizers

One of the most important parts of making good beer is cleanliness. Sloppy sanitation practices are the biggest reason for unsuccessful batches. One of the best sanitizers is common household bleach, (make sure it is unscented). Use 1 teaspoon of bleach per gallon of water for sanitizing. For general cleaning we highly recommend B-Brite.

B-Brite- This cleaning agent has been used for years with great success. A good all purpose cleaner that can be used for all homebrewing utensils.

1/2 lb. [1 1/4 lb] (0512) $1.65
5 lb. [5 1/2 lb] (1049) $13.95

B.T.F.- An iodine based sanitizer that is used in the commercial food industry that is now available for home use. Needs 1 minute of contact to do its job.

4 oz. Bottle [1/2 lb] (1046) $3.50

17 oz. Bottle [2 lbs] (1050) $9.95

1 liter Bottle [2 lbs] (1050) $16.95

One Step-Popular powdered cleaner and sanitizer
1/2 Pound [1/2 lb] (0952) $2.39

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