Liquid and Dry Beer Brewing Yeast

Without yeast, fermentation would be impossible. These little creatures eat the malt sugars in beer releasing carbon dioxide and alcohol. There are many different varieties of yeast and each imparts its own unique flavor and fermentation characteristics. Lager yeast tolerate low temperature ranges and are generally used to produce cold fermented lagers. Many of these yeasts, if fermented above 65°F, will impart off-flavors to beer. Ale yeasts tolerate much higher temperatures than lager yeast and are used to produce many British style ales and German Alt beers. These yeasts impart a fruity aroma. Ale yeast is the most commonly used yeast among home brewers. There are two main types of yeast available to home brewers, liquid and dry. Liquid yeast gives a truer representation of the individual style. Most think the higher price is worth the improved results. Dry yeasts are easier to use and start fermenting quicker. Dry yeasts are less expensive but less predictable than liquid yeast.

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Wyeast Liquid Yeast

One of the best ways to improve home brew is by using liquid yeast. Yes, it does cost more money but many home brewers swear by the quality of these yeasts, including ourselves. The Wyeast packages contain a small inner packet containing the yeast . Outside of the yeast is a solution of sterile beer wort. By breaking the small inner packet the yeast mixes with the wort and the yeast begins to ferment. All varieties are sold as the large Activator Packs which do not require making a starter culture prior to use.

Ales- Optimum fermentation temperatures between 60° and 75°F.

German 1007- Ferments dry and crisp leaving a complex yet mild flavor. Produces a rocky head and ferments well down to 55°F
(0310) $7.99
Irish 1084- Has a fruity characteristic that is clean and full bodied
(0311) $7.99
British Whitbread 1098- Dry, crisp, slightly tart and well balanced
(0312) $7.99
Belgian 1214- Good for Belgian style and high gravity beers
(0313) $7.99
American 1056- Ferments dry, finishes soft, smooth and clean
(0314) $7.99
London Whiteshield 1028- Rich minerally profile. Bold and crisp
(0315) $7.99
American II 1272- Fruitier and more flocculant than 1056. A popular yeast among many west coast brew pubs.
(0331) $7.99
Thames Valley 1275- Great for English Bitter and Pale Ale recipes. Produces a rich, complex beer featuring a clean and light flavor profile.
(0332) $7.99
British Ale II 1335- Good for both British and Canadian Ales. Produces a crisp flavor with some malt highlights. A very promising yeast.
(0333) $7.99
London Ale III 1318- From a famous London Brewery. Finishes slightly sweet while bringing out great hop flavors. Clears very well.
(0334) $7.99
Belgian Strong Ale 1388- Has become a very popular yeast. Features a fruity nose and flavor with moderate to high alcohol tolerance. Finishes dry and tart.
(0335) $7.99
Bavarian Weizen 3056- Used for making a true wheat beer. Imparts the characteristic clove flavor.
(0324) $7.99
Belgian Wit 3944- A Belgian style yeast designed for making white beers. This style is becoming increasingly popular.
(0326) $7.99
Weihenstephan Wheat 3068- A new variety of wheat yeast that has a cleaner clove flavor than the Bavarian Weizen.
(0327) $7.99
German Wheat 3333- Finishes crisp with tart, fruity, sherry-like palate.
(0336) $7.99
Scottish Ale Yeast 1728- A variety for making this classic Scottish beer style. A great new liquid yeast.
(0328) $7.99
ESB Yeast 1968- For making London Bitters.
(0343) $7.99
Kolsch Yeast 2565- For German ales and alts.
(0329) $7.99
Champagne Yeast 3021- A great yeast for barleywines and meads. Necessary for high gravity, high alcohol beers
(0325) $7.99

Lagers- Ideal fermentation temperatures between 45° and 55° F.

Danish 2042- Rich yet crisp and dry. Soft light profile which accentuates hop characteristics.
(0318) $7.99
Bavarian 2206- Rich flavor, full bodied, malty and clean.
(0319) $7.99
Munich 2308- Smooth, well rounded and full bodied.
(0320) $7.99
Bohemian 2124- Ferments clean and malty with a rich residual maltiness. For use in high gravity pilsners and medium bodied lagers.
(0322) $7.99
California 2112- Warm fermenting lager yeast. Malty profile clears brilliantly. For making steam beers.
(0323) $7.99
Czech Pils 2278- Dry finish with rich maltiness. Great for all lagers.
(0344) $7.99
Pilsen 2007- A great Pilsner type yeast for making this classic style.
(0317) $7.99
North American Lager- A new yeast ideal for making those classic American style light lagers.
(0337) $7.99
Allow 24 hours for the yeast to incubate. Do not start brewing until your yeast package is at least 1" thick.

XL packs take only 6 - 12 hours.

Dry Yeast

We have tried to assemble the best selection of dry yeast available. We highly recommend re-hydrating dry yeast. This is accomplished by adding the packet of dry yeast to a cup of 80°F water and stirring until dissolved. By re-hydrating your fermentation will start faster and you are less likely to have problems during fermentation. Prices for individual packages.

SAF Ale S-33 (Edme)- A good all purpose English ale yeast.
(0301) $3.99
SAF S-05- Popular for American Ales
(0302) $3.99
Nottingham- A great ale yeast from Canada. New larger 11 gram packet.
(0303) $3.59
Windsor- A good yeast for making British Ales. New larger 11 gram packet.
(0304) $3.59
Red Star Champagne Yeast- Good for low final gravities and for making meads. Also needed for making soda extracts
(0306) $.99
SAF Ale S-04 (Whitbread)- A very popular dry ale yeast
(0307) $3.99
SAF Lager- A good standard dry lager yeast. 11 gram packet
(0308) $3.99
SAF Brew T58- An American style Ale yeast
(0345) $3.99
BRY-97- American West Coast Ale
(0345) $3.99
Shipping Weights for Dry Yeast are [1/8 lb] each.

Mead Yeast

Specially bred for fermenting honey. These yeasts are also good for making hard apple cider when the apples come in the fall.

Sweet Mead Wyeast (4184) Liquid Yeast- for making meads that have a lot of residual sweetness
[1/4 lb] (0340). $5.99
Dry Mead Wyeast (4632) Liquid Yeast- will ferment out most of the sugars for a fine dry mead.
[1/4 lb] (0341). $5.99

Cider Yeast

Good ciders require unique yeast. Champagne yeast tends to make cider too dry and beer yeast often lack a clean, well balanced finish. Using the right yeast can your cider stand out.

Cider Wyeast 4766 Liquid Yeast- A crisp, dry fermenting yeast that finishes with full and well balanced fruit flavor.
[1/4 lb] (0340). $5.99
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