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Mead Supplies

Mead-Mead is a beverage that is made by fermenting honey. There are many variations from dry to sweet, fruit meads and spiced meads. Mead is a great beverage to make during summer as it doesn't need cool fermentation temperatures. Mead can be made either "still" with no carbonation or "sparkling" with carbonation. We include priming sugar with the mead kits so you have the option of making them still or sparkling. Like wine, meads will improve with age and are great to save for a special occasion. The term "honeymoon" is thought to originate with the tradition of a newly married couple drinking mead every day for a month, a gift of mead is a unique wedding gift. We have three mead kits that will give great results in a short time.

Orange Ginger Mead- A strong mead that has a hint of ginger. A fantastic substitute for champagne that will amaze your friends. This is a classic mead that has a wonderful hint of spice. A great "homebrew" for those who don't enjoy beer. A good mead to start your mead making career. The kit includes: 12 lbs Honey, Spice Blend: 1/2 oz. Ginger & 1/2 oz. Orange Peel, Yeast Nutrient, Acid Blend, yeast, priming sugar.[15 lbs] (0028)
With Wyeast Champagne Liquid Yeast [15 1/4 lbs] (0028Y)
Fruit Mead (Melomel)- A classic mixture of honey, Saaz hops and your choice of natural raspberry, cherry, cranberry, or blueberry extract. Fruit mead is very popular and our natural fruit extract maked brewing these meads a snap. Please specify your choice of fruit extract before adding item. The kit includes: 9 lbs. WindRiver Clover Honey, 1oz. Saaz hops, Fruit extract, acid blend, yeast nutrient, yeast, priming sugar and complete instructions. [13 lbs.] (0029)
With Wyeast Champagne Liquid Yeast [13 1/4 lbs.] (0029Y)

Our honey comes from beekeepers in Minnesota. This is 100% pure clover honey which is a good all-purpose honey, great for all around mead making. Comes in 3 and 6 pound sizes and is packaged in our easy to use bags. WindRiver Honey- for meads and honey ales.

3 lbs [3 3/4lbs](0800)$15.49
6 lbs [6 1/2lbs](0801)$34.99

Mead Yeast - Specially bred for fermenting honey. These yeasts are also good for making hard apple cider when the apples come in in the fall.

Sweet Mead- for making meads that have a lot of residual sweetness. Good for those who prefer a sweeter wine. Only Available as Pitchable Tube

[1/4 lb] (0340). $5.99
Dry Mead- will ferment out most of the sugars which makes for a fine dry mead similar to a Champagne. Only Available as Pitchable Tube
[1/4 lb] (0341).$5.99

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