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Racking Equipment

We realize that coming up with a homebrewing equipment setup that works for you is very important. We carry the finest equipment available to allow you to personalize your homebrewery. Everyone has different brewing styles and preferences on what kinds of beer they enjoy making. Some like to brew once a month while others like to brew only during the cooler winter months. Our brewing equipment allows you to add whatever you need.

Stainless Steel Racking Tube- Stainless Steel construction will make this racking tube last a lifetime. 24 inches
[1 Lb.] (1070)
Racking Tube- Clear plastic tube shaped like a cane with an attachment that will strain sediments when siphoning. 30 inch.
[1/2 lb] (1069)
Fermtech Racking Tube Holder- Designed to clip to the side of a carboy neck, this holder allows you to adjust the level of your racking tube to minimize the chance of transferring sediment. As seen in Zymurgy
[1/2 lb] (1074)
Flow Restrictor Clamp- Used in all grain brewing or anytime when restricting the flow through 3/8" tubing is necessary. [1/4lb](1073)
Fermtech Auto Siphon- Starts siphoning in a single stroke, works in carboys, pails and gallon jugs. Sold glued construction, includes 24" racking tube.
[1 lb] (1138)

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