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Brewing Clarifiers and Additives

Brewing Clarifiers and Additives- These additives are used to enhance certain characteristics and prevent some common problems from occurring. These additives range from water hardeners like Gypsum to clarifiers like Irish Moss or Gelatin. The most popular of all additives are the clarifiers which will make your beer all the more presentable to those that are new to the flavor of homemade beer. All of the additives come with usage instructions the package. If you need something that is not listed here, call, we probably have it.

Gelatin- Used at the end of fermentation to clarify beer. 2 oz. [1/4lb] (0503). $2.25
Gypsum- Adds calcium and sulfate to water to lower pH. 2 oz. [1/4 lb] (0504). $.99
Precipitated Chalk- Will add temporary hardness to your water by adding Calcium Carbonate. This is a very important mineral in the brewing of dark British and Irish style ales. 4 oz. [1/2 lb] (0527) $0.99
Belgian Candi Sugar- Caramelized beet sugar required for making Belgian style Trappist and Abbey beers. 1 Lb [1 1/4 lbs] (0522) $4.25
Curacao (Bitter) Orange Peel- A wonderful addition to Belgian Wheat Beers (Witbier) and other spiced ales. Provides a zesty citric tang. 1 oz [1/8 Lb] (0529) $0.99
Irish Moss- A seaweed that is used during the boil. It attracts proteins allowing them to drop out of suspension reducing chill haze. 2 oz. [1/4 lb] (0505). $2.25
Lactose- An unmerchantable sugar, it is used to sweeten beer. A classic ingredient in milk stouts. 1 lb [1 1/4 lb] (0507). $2.75
Malto Dextrine- Used to improve body and give a chewy mouth feel. An excellent addition to homemade soda to improve texture. 1 lb [1 1/4 lb] (0508). $2.75
Yeast Nutrient- Used in mead to supply nutrients for yeast to aid in fermentation. Also used to activate stuck fermentations. 2 oz. [1/4 lb] (0513). $1.79
Corn Sugar- Corn Sugar is a convenient way to carbonate beer in bottles.
1 pound [1 1/4 lb] (0510) $2.00
5 pounds [5 1/4 lbs] (0511) $9.50
Dried Rose Hips- Adds a very distinctive citric flavor to beer, mead, wine or tea. These are seedless.
1 oz. [1/8 lb] (0530) $0.99
Ascorbic Acid- An antioxidant to prevent staling.
1oz [1/8 lb] $2.49
Grape Tannin- Used to add astringency to red wines.
1 oz. [1/8 lb] $1.49
Malic Acid- Used to acidify wines and ciders.
1 oz [1/4 lb] $1.39
Tartaric Acid- Used to acidify wine.
1 oz [1/8 lb] $1.99

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