Liquid and Dry Malt Extract for Home Brewing
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Malt extract including gold malt, amber malt, dark malt and wheat malt

WindRiver Malt Extracts- Malt extract is an extract from barley malt. In basic terms it is concentrated unfermented beer. First the grains are "mashed" which converts the starches in the barley grain into sugar. Then this "wort" is reduced to a thick syrup by boiling it under a vacuum This then leaves a liquid that has the consistency of molasses. We are proud to offer the best in malt extracts, from Briess Malting located close to us in Chilton Wisconsin. We buy in bulk then package the malt ourselves, passing the savings on to you.

Our innovative Cryovac clipped tied bags couldn't be easier to use. Just cut an end off and squeeze into your brew pot. No jugs or cans to rinse out. We think you will find a great improvement in these extracts over canned malt extracts. Can be used in place of canned malt extracts in all recipes. We carry the malt in 3.3 lb sizes (the equivalent of one standard can of malt) or in the larger 6lb size. All of our extracts come un-hopped We believe that the best way to use hops when making beer is by using pelletized hops for bittering instead of using hopped extracts. You will get a better flavor and the hop amounts can be adjusted for taste.


Gold- A deep gold extract perfect for lighter colored beers. Also a good base malt extract. You can adjust the finished beer color with the addition of specialty grains.

3.3lbs Gold (0101)


6lbs Gold (0102)

Amber- A hearty color perfect for both ales and lagers. Great for fuller bodied beers. A great starting point for medium ales and amber lagers.

3.3lbs Amber (0103)


6lbs Amber (0104)


Dark- This a rich dark extract. Has a good flavor without being too overpowering. Has a roasted flavor perfect for English ales or German dark beers.

3.3lbs Dark (0105)


6lbs Dark (0106)

Wheat- A good all purpose wheat extract perfect for making a classic Bavarian wheat beer. Adds a distinct citrus flavor to beers. A 60% wheat 40% barley blend.

3.3lbs Wheat (0107)


6lbs Wheat (0108)

Important note: If you are going to store your beer kits or ingredients more than a week or two, keep them refrigerated. Keeping your ingredients in the refrigerator will ensure that they stay their freshest.

Dry Malt Extract- The drying process forces most of the water out of the extract leaving only the solids behind, making it 20% more concentrated than liquid. (i.e. 3 lbs. of dry malt extract will yield 20% more than 3 lbs of liquid malt extract.) Many brewers like dry malt extract since it is more easily weighed for smaller amounts. Available in 3 lb packages.

Gold- The lightest of all the malt extracts. Great to use for priming or yeast starting.

3 lbs Gold DME


Amber- Great for amber ales and lagers. Excellent for red and Scottish ales

3 lbs Amber DME



Dark- A deep, dark malt extract, good for stouts, dark lagers and porters.

3 lbs Dark DME



Wheat- For wheat beers and adding in small amounts to improve head retention.

3 lbs Wheat DME



Kraeusening Kit
Each kit contains 1 1/2 cups of Gold Dry malt extract, enough to carbonate a 5 gallon batch. For those who want to make a truly all-malt beer. Comes with complete instructions.
[1 lb] (0120) $2.25

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