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Testing Equipment

Thermometer- We carry the Tru-Brew thermometer. This is a good all-purpose thermometer that floats! 0°to 220°F [1 lb] (1055)
Thermometer Strip- A flexible thermometer on an adhesive strip that will attach to any fermenter. A handy item, especially for making lagers. [1/2 lb] (1052)
Lab Thermometer- Our most accurate thermometer. Does not float, but gives quicker responses. Comes in plastic case. [1 lb] (1055L)
Hydrometer- Used to measure specific gravity. Helpful to determine the progress of fermentation and in testing alcohol content. [1 lb] (1053)
Hydrometer Test Jar- 12" tall. With built in stand. [1/2 lb] (1054)
Refrigerator Thermostat- Used to override your refrigerators built in thermostat. Allows you to set the temperature inside of the refrigerator to between 30 and 80 degrees F. [3 lbs] (1900)
The Thief-
At last! An item to make the chore of taking a hydrometer reading or obtaining a tasting sample from a carboy a snap. Our favorite new gadget. [1/2 lb] (1137)

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