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Brewing Equipment

Brewing and Fermenting Equipment

We realize that coming up with a homebrewing equipment setup that works for you is very important. We carry the finest equipment available to allow you to personalize your homebrewery. Everyone has different brewing styles and preferences on what kinds of beer they enjoy making. Some like to brew once a month while others like to brew only during the cooler winter months. Our brewing equipment allows you to add whatever you need.

20 qt Stainless Steel Brewing Pot- This pot will give you many years of brewing pleasure. We highly recommend using stainless steel. Enamel works fine but it does chip easily. Aluminum pots are not a good choice because aluminum oxidizes and will cause off-flavors. We carry the 20 qt. size which is good for extract brewing.
20 Quart [6 lbs.] (1010)
Fermentation Bucket- A 6 gallon capacity makes this container your brewing workhorse. Great for primary fermentation. Has a snap-top lid and a leak free drum tap. Includes bubbler airlock.
[5 lbs]. (1035) $17.95
Bottling Bucket with Spigot- 5 gallon capacity will hold a standard batch in preparation for bottling. Really makes bottling easier.
[4 lbs] (1036) $11.95
Glass Carboys- These glass vessels have been the staple for homebrewing for years. Now used primarily for lagering beer. The benefits of using a carboy for secondary fermentation are many. Beers will be clearer because more sediment drops out and the flavors will not be as harsh. It is also fun to watch the fermentation process through the glass. They also aid in beer clarification.
5 gallon New [18 lbs] (1038N) $33.95
3 Gallon New [16 lbs] (1039) $23.95
6 Gallon New [20 lbs] (1040) $36.95
6 1/2 Gallon New [22 lbs] (1040) $44.95

Carboy Accessory Kit- New and improved accessory kit packed with essentials to make using carboys easier (carboy not included). Contains: 8" funnel, carboy brush, carboy handle, racking tube, stopper, blow off tubing for fermentation, 4' 3/8" siphon tubing and bubbler airlock. [4 lbs] (1063)
Carboy Handle- Good for carrying full or wet carboys.
[1 lb] (1056)
Carboy Cap- Rubber top for carboy with 2 openings. Can be used in place of a rubber stopper and is excellent for starting siphons. A very handy item for carboys. [1/2 lb] (1120)
Fermentation Locks- these are used for blocking air entry into the fermentation vessel and allowing the CO2 to escape. These are also needed to place in stoppers on beer bottles for yeast culturing.
Bubble Lock- good all purpose model. Comes with the equipment kits. [1/4 lb] (1041)
3 Piece Lock- Canadian design that is easy to clean. This is a popular model although it doesn't gauge pressure as well as the Bubbler fermentation locks. [1/4 lb] (1042)
Brewing Spoon- Stainless with a long handle.
[1/2 lb] (1057)
8" Funnel-
8" diameter
[1 lb] (1058)
Drum Taps- These won't leak like the red and white spigots. Heavy duty and will last a long time. Its solid construction allows the tap to be cleaned in a dishwasher [1/2 lb] (1068)
Bottling Spigot- For installation in 5 gallon buckets.
[1/2 lb] (1071)
Nylon Hop Bag- Used to hold hops for dry hopping. Also used for steeping up to 1 1/2 lbs. of grain. [1/8 lb] (1059H)
Nylon Sparge Bag- Designed to fit inside our 5 gallon bucket and is used for sparging all-grain batches. Has a flat bottom. [1/2 lb] (1082)
Muslin Hop Bag- Made out of cotton, these cloth bags work great as a grain or hop bag. Can also be placed in a funnel to strain wort. [1/8 lb] (1115)
Stoppers- We know that when the inspiration for a new method of being able to slide a 1 gallon jug underneath the onions in the root cellar, or another necessity hits, you are going to need some weird type of stopper to pull it off. We carry a wide variety of drilled and un-drilled. Dimensions are given in inches. Other sizes are available, email or call us for other sizes available and prices.
[1/4 lb] (1043)
# -Top Diameter-Bottom diameter-Price
No 2 - 3/4 - 5/8 - $.50
No 6 1/2* - 1 3/8 - 1 1/8 - $.75
No 7* - 1 7/16 - 1 3/16 - $.75
No 8 - 1 5/8 - 1 3/8 - $.95
* available un-drilled

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