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Beer Links on the Web Updated 3/19/11 -Minnesota Home Brewers Association. Menomonie Wisconsin Home Brewers Club -A great on-line resource for homebrewers, featuring helpful articles on various aspects of homebrewing. -The internet site of the brewing periodical. Features loads of helpful articles on beer and homebrewing. -Bass Ale's site, home of one of the famous beers in the world. -SABCO's home page. Great products for advanced brewers. -Home of the Association of Brewers. Stop there and say hi! to Charlie Papazian. A great place to find out about those wonderful Belgian Beers. Samuel Adams site, includes recipe specs for all of their beers. You can even post nasty remarks about AB or Budweiser here. A great site which includes a guided virtual tour of the famous brewery. Features some pleasant line drawings which download quickly. An award winning site. It's not about homebrewing, but it's a good place to find a recipe for that special dinner to prefectly complement your beer. A great place to find out everything you always wanted to know about hops. A site still under construction. A great place to get some info on your favorite Belgian Beers. Also features a section with Michael Jackson's comments.

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