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The New Complete Joy of Homebrewing-Newly Revised Charlie Papazian. This book is a must for beginning brewers. Clear directions combined with easy reading make this book the "bible" of homebrewing. This book covers every aspect of homebrewing from getting started to advanced grain brewing. It also has good sections on mead making, growing hops, some style guidelines, and even a section on hangovers! A must book to start your brewing library!
[1.5 lb] (1200) $14.95
Hombrewers Companion- Charlie Papazian. A great book for intermediate and advanced homebrewers looking for a more technical book. This book is a great supplement to the Complete Joy and is as well written as Charlie's first book
[1.5 lbs] (1223).
Dave Miller's Homebrewing Guide- David Miller. A tour de force of brewing. Miller takes you from the basic essentials of brewing all the way through such advanced topics as kegging, all grain brewing, water chemistry and more.
[2 lb] (1228)
Brewmasters Recipe Manual- Stephen Snyder. Includes recipes for extract beers, partial mashes and all grain brews. It also has a handy reference section containing conversion tables and formulas.
[3.5 lbs] (1227)
Yeast Culturing- Rog Leistad. If you are interested in culturing or reusing liquid yeast this book is for you. There are many brewers that are becoming more and more interested in culturing their own yeast. This can save you some money on expensive liquid yeast cultures by using one package more than one time. You can also culture yeast that comes in the bottom of imported beers. Will has done this with several Belgian beers with great success.
[1 lb] (1203)
Pro Mash- The state of the art software for the advanced brewer. Files downloaded off of the internet (you will receive further instructions after you order). For PC only.
[no shipping weight]
Homebrewers Assistant- Maintains detailed recipe notes, including hopping schedules, bitterness, style guidelines and more! Also helps you to easily design personalized labels for your homebrew. Requires MS Windows 3 or higher, 4 Mb RAM, 4.5 Mb hard disk, 3 1/2" floppy drive.
[1 lb] (1250)
4th & Vine Wine and Beer Labeling CD-ROM- Everything you need to get started in making labels for your homebrew and wine. You can make your own custom designed labels, or choose from may pre-designed label templates. Includes free 4th & Vine customizable labels. Requires MS Windows 3 or higher and a CD-ROM drive.
[1 lb] (1252)

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