The Story of WindRiver Brewing, Beer Ingredient Kits, Wine Kits and Home Brewing Equipment

Thanks for being curious about our story. We have come a long way since we first started the company and we owe our success to the loyal support, advice and friendship of our customers. Thank you!

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Our custom "Classic Beer Styles" home brewing ingredient kits are favorites of brewer across the country. We have a large assortment of kits to please any beer drinker. All of our kits come with complete instructions making them easy to brew. We have all the grains, hops, yeast and malt extract needed to brew your own recipe. We have wine kits for the wine makers and also carry all the additives needed to make wine from your own fresh fruit.


We have some of the best prices anywhere. Our location in Wisconsin is near one of the best malting facilities in the world providing us a super fresh assortment of grains and malt extracts. Whether you are brewing from our kits or from a recipe of your own you can be assured you will not find fresher ingredients anywhere. We try to utilize local U.S. grown ingredients whenever possible. We are located in farm country and believe strongly in supporting American farmers. Our warehouse and office are located in rural Northwestern Wisconsin keeping our overhead low, and those savings are passed on to our customers. Like eggs, home brewing supplies are cheaper in the country.

Our selection of equipment will cover all of your needs. From carboys, fermentation buckets, bottles, you will find what you need. Can't find that certain item? No problem, we will be happy to locate it and order it for you.


We have been brewing for years and no matter how weird a question you may have we have probably experienced it ourselves and can help you. We believe brewing should be fun and rest assured you will get help when in need. Brewing can be a simple or as complex as you want to make it, we have the experience to help with all aspects of the process. We assist many brewers in recipe formulation to make sure you are brewing the beer that you enjoy. We even have helped several home brewers take the step from the stove top to a commercial brewery.


If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. Having brewed for decades we still hear of a solution or find a problem that is new to us. It's part of the fun of the hobby.


We are committed to provide you the best in service. We believe in the basic principle of treating our customers how we would like to be treated. We will go out of our way to make sure your brewing experience is as enjoyable as possible. We believe in shipping your order out promptly, usually the same day it's received, and if any problems occur to solve them quickly and to your satisfaction.

Shipping policy- We charge only what UPS charges us for shipping. We don't add any handling fees, box charges, or inflate our prices to cover some flat rate or free shipping deal. If you would like a tracking number for your order just let us know and we'll be happy to let you know. All of our orders are packed securely and if something is damaged when it arrives let us know and we'll be happy to replace it.

Our hours are 10am-6pm Monday - Thursday, 10-4 on Friday and 10-2 on Saturday. We are closed on Sundays. We are here most of the time so if you can't make it during regular hours just give us a call and we can arrange a time. You can place an order through our 24 hour secure web ordering system or order by phone during regular business hours. We are located between Barron and Turtle Lake Wisconsin 4 miles south of Highway 8. If you need directions give us a call or check out our map.

Our Story

WindRiver was started in 1993 at a warehouse/retail location in Eden Prairie Minnesota. Over the years we built a successful retail and mail order/internet business. More and more of our sales were coming from the internet and being shipped out to customers across the country. Increasingly I became tired of fighting city traffic, paying ridiculous rent and taxes, and needed to make a change for my sanity. In 2001 My wife and I decided to get out of the city after we were married.


We bought 40 acres of land in Northwestern Wisconsin and started working on our dream. We first built a small cabin as home for the weekends. Then we built a pole shed to store various farm equipment I was starting to accumulate and also have a dry place to store construction materials. We poured the foundation slab for WindRivers' new warehouse in the fall of 2004. The next summer we spent almost every weekend building the warehouse. Slowly we completed the shop and were ready to start on our home. WindRiver moved to the new location in 2006. While our home was under construction I made the 90 mile commute from St Paul to to WindRiver. It was a difficult time since in January of 2005 our son Ben was born and it was hard to spend so much time away from him. Finally our home was done and we moved in, in the fall of 2007.


We love being in the country. We have a large vegetable garden, raise some feeder pigs for our friends and family, have chickens for eggs, and in 2010 added 4 sheep and two goats to our collection of livestock. We also make maple syrup in the spring from some large maples in the woods. I also keep working on our bee yard and hope someday to produce all the honey we put in our beer and mead kits. I have gradually been adding grape vines and apple trees to our place and am currently considering planting some hops for commercial sale. We enjoy the wildlife that surrounds us, from bald eagles, to bears, wolves we are grateful to live in such a wild and wonderful place. Stop by our store if you are ever in our neck of the woods!


Thank you for visiting WindRiver Brewing Company. We hope you will find shopping our pleasurable and if you have any questions don't hesitate to give us a call at 1-800-266-4677. We are here to help.

Thanks for shopping with us, our customers are why we are here.

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