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Finally the White House has released their beer recipes! Now you can brew the same brews made for the President by the chefs in the White House Kitchen. We are so thrilled to see over our years in business the home brewing hobby go from being a strange thing done by a few beer nuts in their basement to being embraced and brewed in the basement of the most recognized residence in the world.

White House Honey Porter- 6.6 Lbs Liquid Light Malt Extract, 3/4 lb Munich Malt, 1 Lb Crystal 20 L., 6oz Black Malt, 3oz Chocolate malt, 1 lb Honey, 1 Oz. Xythos Bittering Hops, 1/2 oz. Hallertau Aroma Hops, priming sugar, and grain bag.

SALE $25.95 With Nottingham Dry Yeast [9 lbs]
White House Honey Ale- 6.6 Lbs Liquid Light Malt Extract, 12oz Crystal 60 L., 8oz Biscuit Malt, 1lb Honey, 1 1/2 oz Kent Goldings bittering hops, 1 1/2oz Fuggles Aroma Hops, 2 tablespoon gypsum, priming sugar, and grain bag.
SALE $25.95 With Dry Windsor Ale Yeast [9 lbs]

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Our "All World Apprentice Kit" was included by Money magazine in their "Top 100 Smartest Money Moves You Can Make" in the May 2010 issue. We came in at #84, "Best Use of Beer Money". It is an honor to be selected by them and is a testament to the great value that comes with purchasing one of our starter kits. The response has been great and we always are happy to have new customers, brewers and friends join in the wonderful hobby of making beer and wine.

The Web Site! It's been awhile since we have made any major changes to the web site and we hope you like what your finding. There are some pages with the old format we are currently working on updating. We have tried to keep things simple and easy to navigate and add some more graphics and images to improve your on-line experience with us. We are always looking for input or comments and if you like the new site let us know, if not let us know. And always if you have any suggestions to improve the site just e-mail us or give us a call.

New Kits! We've added quite a few new ones. We have a wild rice bock using wild rice to add a nutty flavor to this classic spring beverage. A dark German style Schwarzbier. A lighter Scotch ale. A super highly hopped IPA for those of you who just can't get enough of hops. A honey brown ale, a nice variation of our very popular Black Bear Brown Ale. A wonderfully complex flavored whiskey infused bourbon barrel ale. An American style Belgian ale made popular by a certain Colorado brewery. And a refreshing strawberry ale for those hot summer days. Hopefully you'll find a new favorite!

The Logo! Spent some time re-working the logo to add more complex color and detail keeping with the same general style of the old version. Seems like more and more companies are going with ultra streamlined logos, I guess you can call us old fashioned sticking with the old version.

New Hops! And at Lower Prices! Looks like the hop crisis of a few years ago has settled down with some decent production coming back on-line. We've lowered prices to reflect the increasing supplies at favorable pricing. Let's hope things stay stable in the worlds hop markets.
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