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Glassware- One of the most important things about serving homebrew is decanting it into a glass. This separates the yeasty sediment on the bottom of the bottle from the beer and is a much more impressive way to serve your favorite batch of homebrew. We have selected the most popular styles for your full enjoyment of your latest batch of homebrew. Get a full selection of each style!
14 oz. Pilsner Glass- Perfect for a Czech style Pilsner
[2 lbs.] (1401)
$3.35 each
17 oz. Mug- For a heftier thirst
[2 3/4 lbs.] (1403)
$3.25 each
20 oz. British Pub Glass- With distinctive bulged rim
[1 1/2 lbs.](1404)
$2.25 each
16 oz. American Pint Glass- A classic
[1 3/4 lbs.] (1405)
$1.95 each
60 oz. Pitcher- Great for those homebrew keg parties
[4 1/4 lbs.] (1406)
$5.25 each

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